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Looking to the Future: Building a Sustainable Center for Gerontological Nursing Excellence


Every contribution to the Hartford Fund, of any size, is very important. 

Why Give

The UCSF John A. Hartford Center for Gerontological Excellence has a great tradition of mentoring students and faculty to become leaders in the field of geriatrics and gerontology. Through the generosity of the Hartford Foundation and our donors, the Center is able to recruit an exceptional cadre of nurse scientists who provide the critically necessary academic leadership in teaching, research, and practice in geriatric nursing.   Additionally, this support allows experienced faculty to work with Masters students, giving them the theory and practical skills they need to provide the best care for older adults and their caregivers. 

Over the years of Harford Foundation support and with its encouragement, we have looked at ways to build our Center, promote inter-professional research and practice, and provide leadership training and professional development opportunities. The success of this work is reflected in the various stories presented on this website.  However, as we look to the future, with the Hartford Foundation’s funding support sunsetting, we need to further expand our thinking about how to sustain our activities and call on the guidance, input and support of our donors and friends.   Many of you are past students, alumni and faculty and have great ideas about what might work for sustaining the Center.  We welcome all ideas and look forward to brainstorming new and creative opportunities for continuing our mission to educate leaders in the field of geriatric nursing education and practice.

We thank you for your generosity and for your ideas!!!

How to Give

  1. ONLINE: Visit the UCSF School of Nursing website donation page and specify your desire to donate to the “Friends of the Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing”

  2. BY MAIL: Hartford Center donors may send gifts directly to the UCSF bank lockbox address: P.O. Box 45339, San Francisco CA 94145-0339
  3. BY PHONE: Contact the UCSF Office of University Development and Alumni Relations at or 415/476-3441 for further information.
  4. Leave a Bequest: A bequest can be made in either your will or trust.  It can be for a specific dollar amount or for a portion of the residue of your estate. The following wording can be used to leave a bequest for the benefit of the UCSF/John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence: “I give to the University of California, San Francisco Foundation, a California non-profit public benefit corporation, [the sum of __] or [the residue of my estate] or [__% of the residue of my estate] to be used for the benefit of the UCSF/John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence in such manner as the director shall determine.” 

The above language can be modified if you wish your bequest to be used for a more particular purpose.  Please contact the UCSF Office of Gift & Endowment Planning at 415/476-1475 or [email protected] for suggested wording. They will be happy to assist you. Website: