2012-13 Hartford Center Donors

The Hartford Center Directors, Gerontological Nursing students and faculty extend their sincere appreciation to our donors for their generous contributions over the years to the Jeanie Schmit Kayser-Jones Scholarship and the Center Sustaining Fund. This private support is essential in helping sustain the Center and foster the professional development among our students.  Donors over the last year, include:  

Abraham and Abby Brody

Georgina Ros Cabrera

Annie Y. and Joseph K. Chan

Shirley S.  Chater

Carole Elizabeth Deitrich

Monika Eckfield

Harriette Grooh & Associates

Gregory A. and Ruth Homan

Sandra Sadako Kakiuchi

Patricia Lynne Kang

Gay T. and Harvey S. Kaplan

Ann M. and Ron W. Mayo

Kelly Mayo

Carol A.  Mowbray

Ronald J. Walent

Margaret I.  Wallhagen and William Strawbridge

Karen Anne Wolf

Marzette O.  Woods


The Center remains deeply grateful for the ongoing support of: 

The John A. Hartford Foundation 

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation