Fall 2013 Trailblazing Topics in Gerontology Events

We had an exciting line up of noontime trainings on “Trailblazing Topics in Gerontology.” These sessions, in part, provide opportunities for Nursing doctoral and masters students to present on a topic of interest and expertise and receive feedback on their teaching.  Learners provide evaluative feedback to student presenters as a way for him or her to learn and grow as a leader in Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Below are our presenters and topics presented for the Fall!

Unpacking Place in Aging: Exploring intersections of space, time, and aging 

Jarmin Christine Yeh, MSSW, MPH

Doctoral student

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences


The Symptom Burden of People 

Living and Dying With Dementia

Lauren Hunt, RN, FNP

PhD Student

UCSF Department of 

Physiological Nursing