MS-HAIL and Hartford CGNE: Caitlin Hildebrand's Experience

Caitlin Hildebrand, AGNP, is in her second quarter of UCSF’s Master of Science Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership (MS-HAIL)  program, an online program designed for working professionals that includes an interprofessional capstone project that addresses a key issue for the organization. While MS-HAIL does not have a specific gerontologic focus, Caitlin’s work does.

Caitlin is a GNP and Electronic Health Records Specialist at On Lok, a PACE program in San Francisco which provides comprehensive services to frail elderly to enable them to remain at home. Caitlin’s capstone  project will improve the assessment and prevention of falls through an intensive chart review of frequent fallers, home visits to identify additional ways to intervene, and work with nurses and physical therapists to improve ongoing care and assessment. “With MS-HAIL it’s exciting to learn from all different types of health care professionals. We get to hear diverse perspectives on our ideas which makes us more comprehensive, thoughtful leaders” says Caitlin. “Being involved with the Hartford CGNE is a way to build a network with one of the leading groups in gerontological nursing in the San Francisco area; connections with both groups helps solidify my development as a nurse leader.”