Trailblazing Topic in Gerontology: Norway’s Long Term Care System: Continuity and Changes (4/15/15)

SON N-531F June Bailey Conference Room

Frode F. Jacobsen, PhD, RN, Anthropologist and Director of the Center for Care Research Bergen University College, Bergen, Norway 

As Director of the Centre for Care, Dr. Jacobsen works with four other national centres for care research on research projects and the dissemination of knowledge with the municipal health care services in Norway.  Dr. Jacobsen’s work has focused on care of the elderly with a focus on ethnographic studies of nursing homes in Norway. He has recent publications on continuity and change in Norwegian nursing homes, public elderly care policy, and marketization issues.  He has been collaborating on an international study of nursing homes in 6 industrialized countries for the past 5 years and has several comparative papers on nursing home quality, staffing, accountability, and financing.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this presentation, learners will be able to:

-Discuss the long term care delivery system and policy changes in the Norway

-Discuss the impact of long term care research investment by Norway and its municipalities

-Discuss the results from ethnographic studies of nursing homes in Norway and other industrial countries